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A Word of Encouragement | Belron

Last Wednesday morning Northern Lebanon High School students were greeted by inspirational sayings reading things such as “you are beautiful no matter what anyone says” and “this school wouldn’t be the same without you.” After school Tuesday afternoon someone took the initiative and surprised the entire student body by posting various encouraging messages on lockers around the entire school. For the first few periods of the day, the entire school wondered who had posted these moving notes around the school. Who would take time out of their day for the sole purpose of inspiring random strangers?

The answer to this question is Mr. Wentling’s after school Bible study group. Several high school students involved in this group decided Tuesday after school to be encouragements to fellow schoolmates by posting uplifting messages around the school. The thought behind the messages was that simply posting a simple moving quotation on someone’s locker could turn a bad day around, and many of these quotations did just that.          As with any high school, students face tough situations daily; mentally, emotionally, and educationally. For many students merely knowing that a fellow peer took the time to encourage them, even in an indirect way, can make a colossal impact in their day and maybe even life. I believe we can all learn something from this and so I challenge all of you to make a move. Let’s make a move to change the way we view and treat each other. Let’s make a move to encourage our fellow students who may be going through tough times. While you may not realize it, simply smiling at someone you pass in the hall way can make a huge impact.

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