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Dress Code | Belron

On page 26 of every student planner is the “dress code”. The dress code states various types of clothing and accessories that can not be worn during school.  A few of the rules are as follows:

  • No clothing or jewelry which displays vulgar, grotesque, morbid or sexually suggestive visual messages.
  • No articles of clothing made of spandex.
  • No shorts or skirts that are more than 4 inches above the knee or jean holes 4 inches above the knee.
  • No gym clothing or pajamas.

The planner states that “violators will be required to change and may be subject to disciplinary action.” My question to this is, how the administration decides when a student will receive disciplinary actions, and when they will not.

Looking around the school, I see many people still wearing clothing that does not abide by the dress code. Is this because the kids just don’t care or listen, because some of the rules are just plain stupid, or are the teachers and administration not cracking down hard enough? I decided to ask a couple of students, teachers and even an administrative member their views on the dress code.

I asked three students different questions relating to the school dress code policy.
I asked the first student if she thought that the administration cracks down enough on the dress code, and she responded that she doesn’t think that they do. She said that she sees students that continuously dress inappropriate, and it seems like the administration has just given up on them.

I then asked a student, “Do you worry that if you wear something that is against the dress code you will have to change, or do you think you can get away with just a warning?” She quickly responded telling me that she never worries about receiving a disciplinary action; she knows that she can just get away with a warning.

Then I asked the third student, “How often do you see students who are wearing

How often do you see students who are wearing clothing that go against the dress code?” He told me, “everyday, a lot during the day.”

I then proceeded to ask one teacher if she has ever seen a student wear something that goes against the dress code, but in her opinion isn’t inappropriate? She right away told me a story of a student who complained to her about an incident that he was in. She told me that the boy was told to change out of a shirt that was deemed inappropriate. The shirt had a saying on it, that Mr. Hornberger thought was not appropriate for school. The teacher told me that after reading it, she thought that there was nothing wrong with it. She says that even if she disagrees, she must abide by what the administration says.

In my opinion, I think that some of the rules are just not necessary. I don’t see why there would be a problem with students wearing gym clothing to school. Athletic teams often try and match on game days, by wearing their warm ups. Wouldn’t that be considered gym clothing? No Clothing made of spandex? Can I wear jeggings but not leggings? Jeggings are made of mostly spandex. I believe that the administration and school board should re-evaluate the dress code, and be more specific on what is allowed and clearer about what the consequences would be.