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Out with the Old; In with the New! | Belron

New Teachers!
A new year brings new students and teachers. Students move up a grade and eighth grade becomes ninth grade and they move into the high school. Many teachers stay as where some teachers retire. This past year we had three teachers retire, Mr. Stoddard, Mrs. Fisher, and Mr. Yerkes. We will all miss them, they helped us learn many things whether it was Mr. Stoddard teaching us health like how the body works or about the bones. Whether it was Mrs. Fisher, the learning support teacher, helping us with our class work we don’t understand or just helping us keep focus and on task or whether it was Mr. Yerkes teaching us history or Mrs. Miller calling us down to the office to pick something our parents dropped off or calling us down because we got in trouble. As they move onto a new part in their lives as retired, we welcome new teachers Mrs. Raymond is now our health teacher and Mr. Gaul is a new math teacher. As we welcome them into the school and make their year great. We also do everything we can do to make our years great and reach our goal of graduating.
By Samantha Sutton

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